7 Interesting Souvenirs to Buy Yourself When Vacationing in the U.S

The United States of America (USA) is a paradise for shoppers and travelers. Whereas Washington is famous for a bottled cold beer and fresh coffee beans, Arizona boasts silver and turquoise.

Whether you prefer to shop from departmental stores, large shopping malls, independent shops, tourist attractions, sports venues, or like to buy branded merchandise, there’s something for everyone. You can find unique drinks and food items from supermarkets.

Souvenirs allow travelers to commemorate their trips, acting as memorabilia.

A new leather bag with a shiny finish, for instance, is a perfect souvenir from a trip to Italy. When vacationing in the U.S., the items you can buy and bring home as memorabilia vary.

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Souvenirs You Can Buy When You Travel To The U.S

1. Barbecue Sauce and Wine

This authentic American condiment is used for basting or smoking during barbecuing, outdoor grilling. Barbecue cuisines are synonymous with the U.S., making a bottle of sauce a perfect souvenir.

Barbecue sauce varies from region to region and in recipes, ingredients, and flavors. The sauce from Texas and Kansas is made using sugar and tomato, making it sweet and thick. The sauce from Carolina has tart mustard.

However, the white barbecue sauce from the Deep South has mayonnaise. The dry rub sauce from Memphis and St. Louis in the middle has tomato, vinegar, and tart mustard for added sweetness. It accentuates smoked meat for the desired flavor.


Famous barbecue houses sell special, bottled sauce to buy as a souvenir. Get Pappy’s Smokehouse in St. Louis or Charlie Vergos Rendezvous in Memphis. A Maull’s Original bottle is available at supermarkets in St. Louis.

If you visit wine regions such as California with tasting rooms and scenic tours, get a bottle of wine as a souvenir.

2. Cookies and Candies

Supermarkets display interesting treats you can buy as souvenirs. Cookies (biscuits) and candies (local sweets) make perfect souvenirs. Some great cookies include:
• Original Oreos and berry flavors
• Nutter butter
• Devil’s food cookie
• Lucky Charms cereal
Candies also vary in brand, flavor, and taste. Some great sweets include:
• Trident gum (sugar-free) – Layer series with varied flavors such as Berry, Swedish Fish, and Tangerine.
• Candy corn
• Peanut butter M&Ms
Whole peanut candies


3. Team Baseball Caps

Get baseball accessories to complement your fashion or sporty outfits. Get baseball caps from the Mets team in Queens or Yankees when in New York.

Look out for MLB stickers in authentic outfits. Adorn your outfits to initiate talks as their great conversation starters. Alternatively, get some golf accessories if you’re into this sport. Get the best golf simulators to transform your home or garage for a desired sporty look.


4.  Merchandise

Visitors from around the world visit Disneyland and Disney World for the unique experiences they offer. Orlando in Florida is home to four theme parks at the Disney World while California’s Anaheim is home to two theme parks.
Items for sale at the theme parks are branded with Disney attractions, a logo, or a popular character. Some interesting items you can buy as souvenir include:
• Hats
• T-shirts – popular rides, park logos, funny sayings, and Mickey Mouse
• Jewelry
• Kitchen accessories
• Crazy socks
• Stuffed animals
• Mickey ears – range in styles from decorated (for holidays and characters) to classic black ones.
• Minnie headband
• Coffee mugs with cartoon characters
• Key chains

When you visit New York, get merchandise with the logo I ♥ NY branded on it. However, when visiting Houston’s Johnson Space NASA Center, pick the merchandise with relevant logos or images on them. Some things to look out for on your souvenirs include:
Apollo 11 medallions
• Columbia
• Saturn V
• Astronaut figurines
• The Eagle
• A NASA magnet

5.  Chocolate

San Francisco is known for its range of great chocolates. Dating back to 1852 when the company was founded, the Ghirardelli Chocolate founded by an Italian immigrant, Domenico (changed to Domingo) Ghirardelli, who traveled to California to look for gold.

Located in Ghirardelli Square, the company joined the National Historic Register in 1982 and has grown to become a popular destination for travelers to the U.S. The Swiss chocolatier acquired the company in 1998.

Launched in 1999, the Ghirardelli square chocolates are sweet treats that range from ice cream to chocolate bars. Packaged in special tins, the chocolates are also sold online. Reflecting on your American dream, the chocolates make great souvenirs to bring back home from the U.S.

6. Kachina and Voodoo Dolls

Carved from the roots of cottonwood, Kachina dolls represent ancestral spirits. Found in New Mexico, the American South West, and Arizona, the dolls are ornately decorated into small, carved figures. The dolls are available in various colors, figures, masks, and even clothing.

The Voodoo Doll is found in New Orleans. It gives happiness and the power for revenge or to get your wishes granted. Although those who’ve got this doll have lots of good things to say, it isn’t for Christian believers who may associate it with witchcraft or bad spell.

7. Petoskey Stones and Turquoise Jewelry

Dating back about 350 million years ago, Petoskey stones developed from corals during the Devonian period. Since 1965, these stones have become the face of Michigan. You’ll find them in the Little Traverse Bay, Fishtown, and Charlevoix areas.

You can buy polished stones or jewelry made from the stones. You’ll love to bring these unique stones back home as souvenirs from your trip.

Head over to Arizona for its turquoise gemstones. Traditionally, they were a symbol of prestige and wealth atop being used as currency. They also signified fortune and good luck in ancient times. Buy turquoise jewelry to celebrate the heritage and craftsmanship of the Navajo people, Native Americans.

You’ll learn about the reservations and culture of the Navajo people. The jewelry is available as:

• Rings
• Earrings
• Pendants
• Necklaces


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